Data Transfers



Globus is a fast and secure data transfer network and is the preferred method of data delivery.

Customers receive an email with a Globus link when sequence data is available. A Globus ID must be provided for each data recipient.

**Please Note**

  • Data recipients must create a Globus ID before data delivery to receive automated access to the Globus dataset.
  • We recommend WUSTL employees use their WUSTLKEY as their Globus ID and login through the WUSTL login

Learn more about Globus.

Data Transfer Instructions

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Data is written directly to a customer’s S3 bucket and an email is sent when the data are available. Customers provide the S3 bucket, AWS credentials (to write to the bucket) and a bucket path (if desired).


Other methods of data transfer can be arranged, but these will incur fees. For instance, we can set up an S3 bucket that investigators can use for AWS S3 transfers or “wget” web downloads (not very efficient).



Researchers downloading data to a Globus managed endpoint such as an RIS storage account:

1. Click on the Globus link (It will take you to the login page if needed)

2. Select the files that you want to transfer (download)

3. Select the “Transfer or Sync to…” icon

4. On the right (in the destination) enter the storage endpoint “RIS Storage1” in the “Collection”.

5. Then enter the path to your RIS storage allocation in the “Path” box.

6. Select “Start” to begin the transfer.

Globus to Local Machine

If you wish to transfer data to a desktop computer or hard drive, you will need to install Globus Connect Personal ( and create a personal endpoint.  Once a personal endpoint is created, you can transfer any future Globus collections to your machine.