Clinical: CAP/CLIA Certified

A fully compliant certified lab with CLIA regulations and CAP accreditation can be at your service for a variety of established assays.

GTAC at MGI provides the technical sequencing services for these established assays in compliance with CLIA certification and CAP accreditation requirements. This ensures your test results will meet industry standards for clinical laboratory testing.  These are directly orderable through our colleagues at:

Please contact us for any diagnostic or clinical trial needs not met by the established clinical testing menus.

What are the available assay options?

Targeted cancer panel (CCGSv3.2)

Targeted hybridization capture of tumor-derived genomic DNA coupled with next-generation sequencing (NGS). This approach enables deep, comprehensive coverage of all coding exons and key introns of ordered genes, and allows assessment of the molecular complexity of each DNA specimen, minimizing sampling bias even in cases of low DNA mass or quality.

What variations detection is available?

  • Single nucleotide variants (SNVs)
  • Small insertions and deletions (indels)
  • Selected larger indels
  • Structural rearrangements involving selected genes
  • For solid tumors, this test is routinely performed using FFPE tissues and is able to detect SNVs under 10% allelic fraction in the sequenced tissue

A targeted sequencing assay for 40 genes and gene hotspots that are recurrently mutated in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome using UMI-based targeted sequencing with the Agilent HaloplexHS.

IDT Exome

Exome sequencing of a tumor/normal sample pair with automated tumor-associated SNV and small coding indel variant detection.