Laboratory Services

Specimen Processing

GTAC@MGI performs isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of specimen samples. This may include tissue, blood, single cells, etc. The team will check the quality and quantity of the nucleic acid that you provide. 

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Single Cell

Study your single cell project through next-generation sequencing or quantitatively measuring your gene expression. GTAC@MGI can provide either with numerous options for analytical results. 

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Illumina Sequencing

Next generation sequencing with high-scale throughput and short read technology.  We can assist your research with steps starting at library prep or direct to sequencing. 

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PacBio Sequencing

The Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing is the core technology for powering this long-read technology. As a provider for both Continuous Long Read (CLR) sequencing mode and Consensus Sequencing (CCS) sequencing mode GTAC@MGI can match your research needs.

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GTAC@MGI has expertise in the full sequencing process for RNA-Seq, Small RNA-Seq, or Single-cell RNA-Seq.  We can give you the data needed to analyze the quantity and the transcriptome of gene expression patterns. 

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Clinical: CLIA/CAP Certified

A fully compliant certified lab with CLIA regulations and CAP accreditation can be at your service for a variety of established assays. GTAC@MGI ensures that your tests will follow industry standards for clinical laboratory testing.

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GTAC@MGI can provide various microarray strategies for DNA profiling or protein analyte expression.  We use platforms by Affymetrix, Agilent, and Illumina.  For DNA profiling we have services for both Affymetrix and Illumina.  If protein is a larger focus, consider our proteomic microarray platform, the SomaScan 7K assay.

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Whole Genome Mapping (Saphyr)

GTAC@MGI offers the entire Saphyr System workflow from samples to analysis allowing scientists to assemble de novo genomes as well as detect novel structural variants.

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GTAC@MGI has PCR options  for targeted sequencing, SNP genotyping, gene expression and digital droplet PCR. Our instrumentation allow us to be able to process a wide variety of both numbers and types of samples.

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