Laboratory Services

High-Throughput Proteomics

GTAC@MGI offers high-throughput protein detection utilizing the SomaLogic SomaScan 7K assay.

Single Cell & Spatial

Study your single cell project through next-generation sequencing or quantitatively measuring your gene expression.

Illumina Library Prep

GTAC@MGI generates libraries with many methods to fit your needs for either RNA-seq or DNA-seq.

Illumina Sequencing

Assisting your research utilizing the most up-to-date next generation sequencing platforms with high-scale throughput and short read technology.

Long Read Sequencing

Long Read Sequencing- GTAC@MGI has extensive experience with PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, and Bionano processing which allows us to maximize throughput for your project.

CAP/CLIA Services

A fully compliant certified lab with CLIA regulations and CAP accreditation can be at your service for a variety of established assays.

Specimen Processing

GTAC@MGI offers isolation services for several types of DNA, RNA, and DNA/RNA extraction services.

Illumina Microarray

GTAC@MGI offers Illumina Infinium genotyping and methylation array processing.

Quantitative PCR

GTAC@MGI offers a wide variety of service for gene expression, genotyping, and targeted sequencing (16s MVRSION) utilizing either plate based methods or Standard BioTools (Fluidigm) high through-put methods.