Specimen Processing

GTAC@MGI offers isolation services for several types of DNA, RNA, and DNA/RNA extraction services.

GTAC@MGI provides options that can start as simple as your projects’s tissue, blood, cell cultures, etc.  The experienced staff can isolate DNA or RNA in a state of the art BSL2 laboratory depending on your need. While we can accept many types of specimens such as blood, cells, and frozen and FFPE tissues, please inquire with us to make certain our services fit your needs.

GTAC@MGI can isolate for the nucleic acid that fits your project, including:

  • DNA Isolation
    • FFPE
    • Blood
    • Cell Pellets
    • Buccal Swabs
    • Fresh and Frozen Tissue
  • RNA Isolation
    • Cell Pellets
  • DNA/RNA Dual Isolation
    • FFPE
    • Cell pellets
    • Fresh and Frozen Tissue
  • If you have a sample type that is not listed, please ask our project development team to see if we can accommodate you.

Let’s check the Quality and Quantity of your sample

GTAC@MGI can review your nucleic acid with these available options. 

  • Agilent Femto Pulse Genomic DNA 165kb kit
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer, RNA nano  or RNA pico
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer, DNA 1000 
  • Agilent 4200 Tapestation for a multiple uses including:
    • RNA high-sensitive
    • DNA high-sensitive
    • genomic DNA
  • Qubit quantitation, for RNA or DNA
  • Chef Gel used for High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA sizing