Our Partners

Whether your research strives to improve human health directly or seeks a deeper understanding of who we are and where we came from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) will supply you with quality reagents and an expanding range of technologies. The Genome Technology Access Center at McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis is ready to help you plan and execute your personalized project. 

GTAC@MGI has established itself as a world leader in its comprehensive range of genomic services.  GTAC@MGI and IDT are aligning through their commitment to collaborate and break down research barriers for this generation of life scientists, and the next. As the inaugural partner for IDT’s Align™ Preferred Sequencing Provider program, GTAC@MGI welcomes the opportunity to bring the best science to our research and service colleagues. To learn more about the IDT Align™ Preferred Sequencing Program visit IDT.  For sequencing or other genomic services please connect with GTAC@MGI.

The goal of the Bionano Genomics Certified Service Provider Program (CSPP) is to give customers interested in Bionano Genomics whole genome imaging, the option to contract with a service provider that has undergone rigorous validation to ensure the highest quality level of service and support for any Bionano project. By committing to work with a Certified provider, customers can be assured they are contracting with an organization that is using up-to-date equipment, current DNA extraction and labeling protocols, updated bioinformatics software and assembly pipelines and are experienced in delivering high quality results. By choosing a Certified provider, customers can also expect to be properly supported downstream as they incorporate Bionano data into their projects. The Bionano Genomics Certified Service Provider Program assures researchers they are working with a partner they can trust to support their research efforts, while also offering participating providers many competitive advantages.

GTAC@MGI were proudly the first Certified Service Provider for the CSPP program. We continue to build on our collaboration to provide our customers the full Saphyr System Workflow from samples to analysis.

As a PacBio Certified Service Provider, MGI continues to work with the latest technology, a Sequel II System. The Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing is the core technology for powering this long-read technology. 

The PacBio Certified Service Provider Program is a global network of validated sequencing service labs that provides access to Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing. To achieve this certification, each provider must undergo a rigorous process that includes the most up-to-date training on PacBio sample processing and data analysis workflows. From these processes, our service providers are equipped to deliver the highest quality services for our advanced sequencing technology.

Illumina is an applied genomics technology company making genomics widespread. They create leading-edge technology that enables clinicians and researchers to not only understand the genome but also fully tap its power.

As a company, they have both a clinical and research focus.  This includes cancer, microbiology, agrigenomics, complex disease, cellular and molecular biology, reproductive health, genetic and rare disease, and oncology. 

Developed by computational biologists at the Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC) at Washington University in St. Louis with funding from Kingdom Capital, the unique analytical model has trained for multiple years using data at GTAC across hundreds of labs and all types of biology. PercayAI exclusively licensed the software in 2019. 

Leading the way in high-speed, comprehensive genomics