PCR Services

A wide variety of PCR services are available to move your project forward on a high throughput level.  We offer PCR for SNP genotyping, qPCR to assess gene expression, single cell gene expression, or copy number variation, and digital PCR, as well as Illumina NGS library quantitation.

How to Get Started

All of our services are custom and complex.  Please contact us to schedule either a phone or face to face meeting regarding your project.  You may also fill out the following project proposal form.   Please be as specific as possible, number of assays, types of assays, and the number of samples.  Below you will find more information about our PCR services: types of services and analysis.

Types of Services

GTAC offers a wide selection of PCR based assays either using a standard “real” time PCR machine (Bio-Rad CFX96) or the BioMark™ HD System.  Below is a list of services that we offer.  For further description of these prep types and/or a consultation with our team to discuss experimental design, please contact gtac@genetics.wustl.edu

For CAP/CLIA accredited services please visit Genomics and Pathology Services at http://wugps.wustl.edu/


The PCR services group can assist with complex analysis of your data or export basic spreadsheets for more advanced users.  The goal of our analyses is to empower investigators by making data accessible and transferable to all users.