Seminar Series

Seminar 1

New Technologies in GTAC@MGI

11:30-12:30pm - March 9, 2022
  • SomaScan – HT proteomics platform
    • 7000 serum/plasma proteins per assay
  • Single-cell and spatial genomics
    • Single-cell RNA/DNA-seq – enhanced throughput
    • Spatial transcriptomics – profiling within tissue architecture
    • Smart-seq – full-length scRNA-seq
  • Computational Support
    • CompBio 2.5
      • Augmented artificial intelligence platform for ‘omics analysis
      • New auto-annotation system
      • Translational research tools
  • DNA & RNA extraction services
  • Infrastructure Migration
    • Status of compute/software migration and expectations for collaborators
  • Future MGI seminar talks

Richard Head

Director, GTAC@MGI
Professor of Genetics
MGI is a bridge between researchers and diverse ‘omics technologies & associated analysis which we provide to researchers both within and outside of WashU. These include genome engineering, proteomics, metabolomics, sub-cellular imaging, machine learning, etc. To keep our community abreast of our activities, we will present a series of seminars by directors, lab heads and collaborators.

Leading the way in high-speed, comprehensive genomics