Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Resource Portal

A New Collaborative WashU Portal | Introductory Seminar

12:00-12:30pm - February 23, 2022
  • Looking for bioinformatic experts for analysis or collaboration?
  • Pursuing computational tools or resources to support your research?
  • Seeking educational resources or useful software?
  • On the lookout for collaboration opportunities?

A web-based portal connecting investigators to bioinformatic experts and resources.

Seminar: We will cover how investigators can use the portal to create collaboration requests or identify relevant educational or computational resources.   We will also cover how contributors can identify collaborations that best leverage their expertise.

Collaboration Requests: Investigators use a request page to provide details of their project and the type of assistance they are seeking.  This information will be matched by the server to the expertise of the contributors.  Interested and available contributors can contact the investigator about the potential for collaboration.

Learning & Computational Resources: Additionally, investigators can perform their own analysis. This site contains links to educational resources, software, pipelines, and workflows. 

Seeking Experts: Expert contributors are currently from the Institute for Informatics (I2), the Edwards Lab, and the McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI).  We invite additional experts in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology from across the institution to consider becoming contributors. Inquiries can be directed to Paul Cliften ( or Richard Head (

Website is maintained by GTAC@MGI and is open to investigators and contributors across the institution

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