At the discretion of our clients, the microarray team can be involved in every step of a microarray project, and is equipped to run all major array formats including Illumina, Affymetrix, and Agilent.  We help with study design, preparing samples, we run the hybridizations, and can analyze the results.

How to Get Started

You may submit a project proposal via our microarray proposal form.  If you would like to submit a sample, please contact us for instructions or reference our sample submission guidelines.  Below you will find more information about our microarray services: microarray applications and analysis.

Microarray Applications

GTAC offers RNA and DNA analysis on Affymetrix, Illumina, and Agilent platforms.  Below is a list of applications that we support.  For further information about these applications and/or a consultation with our team to discuss experimental design, please contact gtac@genetics.wustl.edu
·       Gene expression
·       miRNA expression
·       SNP and copy number
·       Copy number (CGH)
·       DNA methylation