Service Time

Time to Process Samples

Library Preparation

We try to send sample QC results within the first week.

From approved QC to beginning of processing: 1-2 weeks

Wet-lab time: 3-7 days depending on prep type/sample size


From sample drop-off to beginning of processing: 1-4 weeks (paired end flowcells take longer to fill)

Sequencing time: 1 day for Single-End reads, 2-3 days for Paired-End reads

Data Analysis: 7 days for RNA-seq, 2-4 days other standard analyses


From sample drop-off to beginning of processing: 1-3 weeks

Wet-lab processing: 4 days

Data Analysis: 1 day

Note: These times are estimates based on average experiment sizes and standard analyses.

Average Experiment Sizes:
  • 12-24 samples for microarray
  • 12-24 samples for library prep and sequencing
  • 48-96 samples for PCR

Standard Analyses:
  • Demultiplexing
  • Alignment
  • Snp Calling
  • ChIP-Seq Peak detection
  • Gene Expression
Last updated on June 11, 2018.