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About Whole Genome Mapping (Saphyr)

GTAC@MGI offers the entire Saphyr System workflow from samples to analysis allowing scientists to assemble de novo genomes as well as the opportunity to detect novel structural variants.

Large structural variations are responsible for many diseases and conditions, including cancers and developmental disorders. Optical genome mapping with Saphyr detects structural variations ranging from 500 bp to megabase pairs in length and offers assembly and discovery algorithms that can outperform the sensitivity of other technologies. 

Do you want to resolve large-scale structural variations by complementing your next-generation sequencing (NGS)? 

GTAC@MGI can perform these preparation options followed by loading the prep on the Bionano Saphyr.

  • Specimen processing for frozen or fresh Cell or Blood preps for mammalians.       
  • Gel Plug Prep for non-mammalin blood, tissue,  or cells.
  • Gel Plug Prep for plants.