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About RNA-Seq

What are my options for prep type? 

Consider GTAC@MGI to facilitate your evaluation with RNA-Seq.  This process will allow you to tell which genes are turned on, their level of expression, and the timing of activation. The first steps for the prep are dependent of your RNA quality, quantity, and experimental goals. Depending on your focus, we have a set of quality choices to choose from. 

  • PolyA selection
  • Ribosomal depletion, Kapa RiboErase (H/M/R)
  • Ribosomal depletion, Qiagen FastSelect (H/M/R)
  • Ribosomal and globin depletion, Qiagen FastSelect (H/M/R+Globin)
  • Low input – Takara-Clontech SMARTer
  • Low input – Sigma Seqplex

Other options and kits may be available, including the ability to submit cDNA or mRNA.  We regularly work with total RNAs derived from human, mouse, and rat, but we can also work with RNA studies involving model organisms, plants, bacteria, viruses and others.  Please inquire with us.

Our RNA-seq laboratory provides RNA and process QC measurements utilizing Agilent Bioanalyzer and/or Tapestation and Qubit.

What are my options for sequencing?

GTAC@MGI creates libraries that are uniquely dual-indexed with 10bp fragments.  Doing so allows your sample libraries to be multiplexed onto the appropriate amount of Illumina NovaSeq S4, XP 2×150 runs.  While 30 million clusters are a typical target for most mammalian gene expression profiling studies, we can tailor the sequencing depth to fit the needs of your study. If you desire a dedicated NovaSeq or NextSeq550 flow cell and specific run type, we can likely accommodate such a request.

Data analysis?

For no extra fees the GTAC@MGI will provide its standard RNA-seq analytical pipeline. This comprehensive analysis of RNA-seq data includes multiple levels of quality control, differential expression, and pathway analysis.