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About Gene Expression Panels (Nanostring)

Nanostring’s nCounter® platform provides a direct measurement of expression for up to 800 targets. The simplified workflow eliminates the need for amplification, cDNA conversion, and library prep.

Interested in determining what will work for your project?

Project developers will help you to determine the code set for your assay or find a set panel that works best for you.

Gene Expression Panels

The NanoString nCounter Gene Expression Assay is a robust and highly reproducible method for detecting the expression of up to 800 genes in a single reaction with high sensitivity and linearity across a broad range of expression levels.

miRNA expression analysis

The Nanostring miRNA Expression Assay is designed to provide an ultra-sensitive, reproducible and highly multiplexed method for detecting miRNAs in total RNA across all biological levels of expression. The assay provides a method for detecting miRNAs without the use of reverse transcription or amplification using molecular barcodes called nCounter Reporter Probes. The assay can be run on total RNA isolated from any source, including formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples. There are miRNA panels available for human, mouse, and rat.
GTAC@MGI offers Nanostring Gene Expression and miRNA assay processing.  Choose from these GTAC@MGI predesigned panels.

Nanostring can provide a customized panel or spike in to a predesigned panel to fit your needs. All nCounter panels are sold in increments of 12 reactions.