Laboratory Services

GTAC offers comprehensive next-gen sequencing, microarray, and PCR services. In addition to generating high quality genomic and transcriptomic data, we also perform data analysis and provide technological support to users to ensure maximum data value.  Our goal is to return data of the highest quality and help researchers make biological sense out of the massive amounts of information generated in these experiments.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in NGS sequencing technologies, GTAC can help you design a study, prepare DNA or RNA libraries, sequence samples, and analyze the data.

At the discretion of our clients, the microarray team can be involved in every step of a microarray project, and is equipped to run all major array formats including Illumina, Affymetrix, and Agilent.  We help with study design, preparing samples, we run the hybridizations, and can analyze the results.

A wide variety of PCR services are available to move your project forward on a high throughput level.  We offer PCR for SNP genotyping, qPCR to assess gene expression, single cell gene expression, or copy number variation, and digital PCR, as well as Illumina NGS library quantitation.

GTAC provides comprehensive bioinformatics analysis using extensively validated workflows for all of its data generation services.  Pipelines for sequence alignments, variant calling, ChIP peak detection, gene expression are available. Please inquire regarding custom analyses or creating new analytical pipelines.

Need help getting started or choosing the right technology for your application?  Contact us for consultation and get the most out of your data.