The Genome Technology Access Center

About GTAC

GTAC offers comprehensive Nextgen sequencing, microarray, PCR and Bioinformatic services. In addition to generating high quality genomic, transcriptomic, and even proteomic data, we also perform data analysis and provide technological support to users to ensure maximum data value.  Our goal is to return the highest quality data and, importantly, help researchers make biological sense out of their data.

Meet The Team


Richard Head


Richard Head is an Associate Research Professor of Genetics and the Director of the Genome Technology Access Center. Additionally, Rich is the Director of Research and Development for Genomics and Pathology Services, the clinical sequencing arm at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Before coming to Washington University, Rich was employed at Pfizer.

Michael Heinz

Assistant Director

Michael Heinz is the Assistant Director of GTAC and has been with Washington University since 2002. During that time he managed the Department of Genetics Microarray Core, which is now part of GTAC. Prior to his tenure at Washington University, Michael worked in a microarray services laboratory at Incyte Genomics.


Seth Crosby

Director of Research Collaborations

Seth Crosby is the Director of Partnerships and Alliances in the Department of Genetics at Washington University.  Crosby works with groups within and outside the University to leverage technology to achieve research and clinical goals.  He has been at Washington University for nearly 12 years. During that time, he directed the Department of Genetics Microarray Core, which is now part of GTAC and then GTAC, itself, during its first two years.  Prior to that he was the Director of Translational Research at the Genome Center (now the McDonnell Genome Institute). Prior to his tenure at Washington University, Dr. Crosby worked in the field of genomics and drug discovery at Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer and Pharmacia.

Paul Cliften

Director Of Computational Biology

Paul Cliften is an Associate Research Professor in Genetics and the Director of Computational Biology for GTAC with well over a decade of experience in comparative genomics and bioinformatics. Paul came to Saint Louis in 1999 for postdoctoral training, then spent two years directing a bioinformatics group at the Genome Sequencing Center (now the McDonnell Genome Institute) at Washington University. Dr. Cliften returned to Washington University in 2010 to help establish the GTAC sequencing facility.

Jinsheng Yu


Dr. Yu is an Assistant Professor in Department of Genetics. He worked as research associate for a pharmacogenomics lab in his early years in the United States and then served as Associate Director of Science & Technology Development for the Siteman Cancer Center GeneChip Core (now part of the GTAC). In addition to developing, maintaining, and applying analytical methods and platforms for use with microarray and NGS based technologies, Dr. Yu has also utilized his expertise in transcriptomic and proteomic analysis to collaborate on numerous novel research projects within and outside the Washington University community. His primary research interest lies in the use of complex omics data, with a focus on the identification of pivotal biomarkers in tumors and viral infections.


NextGen Sequencing

Toni Sinnwell, Research Lab Manager

Lauren Burcea, Clinical Lab Manager


Twyla Juehne, Lab Manager

Quantitative PCR

Chris Sawyer, Lab Manager


Paul Cliften, Director of Computational Biology