1300-Protein Microarray, the SOMAscan

SOMAscan is a microarray-based assay which measures more than 1,300 protein analytes in serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid, urine or equally small amounts of a variety of other biological matrices, such a lysates. The assay offers an approximate dynamic range of 8 logs, quantifying proteins from picomolar to micromolar, with reproducibility of 4.6 median %CV for plasma. The SOMAscan proteomic assay is enabled by protein-capture SOMAmers® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents. The SOMAscan assay measures native proteins in complex matrices by transforming each individual protein concentration into a corresponding SOMAmer reagent concentration, which is then quantified by standard DNA microarray. To date, the SOMAscan assay has been applied successfully to biomarker discovery and validation in many pharmaceutical research and development projects, diagnostics discovery and development projects, and academic research projects.